Intersectii / Intersections

Volum 4 (Serie Noua) – Numarul 3 / Volume 4 (New Series) – Issue 3




Cuprins / Contents

1. Minimum weight buildings design using inequalities method [], [ Entire article (PDF) ],

by Constantin Amariei and Iulian Gabriel Mihai pp.3-14


2. FEM 3D analysis of RC frame foundations of rotary cement kiln [], [ Entire article (PDF) ],

by Grzegorz Dmochowski, Przemysław Siwiec and Piotr Berkowski pp.15-24


3. Some general considerations about the behaviour and retrofitting solutions for the existing buildings with masonry structures [], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by P.Tragakis, D.Stoica, S. Majewski and M. Voiculescu pp.25-42


4. The state of stresses in RC beams with installation holes located in compressed zone [], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Przemysław Siwiec and Sebastian Toś pp.43-52


5. Identification Methods of the Nonlinear Systems Subjected to Seismic Actions [], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Doina Stefan and Violeta-Elena Chitan pp.53-60


6. Numerical studies on the seismic performance of three structural systems [], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Horaţiu Mociran and Eugen Panţel pp.61-70


7. Behavior of newly developed FRP reinforcement in structures under various load schemes [], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by David Horak, Martin Zlamal and Petr Danek pp.71-81


8. Comparative Analysis of Some Methods for Dynamic Behavior and the Structural Design of Multistory Structures [], [Entire article (PDF)],

by Mihai Coveianu, Olimpia Marchelov and Daniel Btcă pp.82-90


9. The modeling, simulation and numerical analysis of a fire in a construction with light structure [], [Entire article (PDF)],

by Ion Anghel pp.91-101


10. State of the art in the pounding mitigation techniques [], [Entire article (PDF)],

by V.Warnotte, D.Stoica, S. Majewski and M. Voiculescu pp.102-117


11. Capacity based earthquake design of reinforced concrete shear wall according to EC8 [], [Entire article (PDF)],

by Laura Fraifeld, Ramona Agachi, Horst Werkle, Franz Zahn and Gabriela Atanasiu pp.118-128


12. Composite columns with circular section. Shear transfer mechanism [], [Entire article (PDF)],

by Petru Moga, Ştefan I. Guţiu and Cătălin Moga pp.129-136


13. Comparative Study on the Results of Analytical and Experimental Analysis of a Steel Taintor (Radial) Gate [], [Entire article (PDF)],

by Adrian Prodescu and Daniel Btcă pp.137-144


14. Fire Risk and Measures for Diminishing the Fire Effect [], [Entire article (PDF)],

by Lucian Burlacu, Dan Diaconu-Sotropa and Mihaela Ibanescu pp.145-151


15. General and Particular in Checking up the Building Structures to Fire Action According to Eurocodes [], [Entire article (PDF)],

by Dan Diaconu-Sotropa1, Mihaela Ibanescu and Mihai Vrabie pp.152-160


16. About some computation particularities of multicell polygonal cross-section bars [], [Entire article (PDF)],

by Vasile Murarasu pp.161-167