Intersectii / Intersections

Volum 4 (Serie Noua) – Numarul 4 / Volume 4 (New Series) – Issue 4



Cuprins / Contents

36. The Improvement of Pavement Performance Using Asphalt Rubber Hot Mixes [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF) ],

by Jorge C. Pais and Paulo A. A. Pereira pp.3-18


37. Influence of deformation at a heritage building support on stability of groined masonry arch [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF) ],

by Kaspars Bondars and Aleksandrs Korjakins pp.19-34


38. Partial substitution of Cement in Concrete by Finely Ground Brick Body [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Libuše Beckerová, Gergely Bölckei and Jirí Brožovský pp.35-42


39. Experimental and numerical analysis of compressed concrete elements confined with FRP composites [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Gabriel Oprisan, Nicolae Taranu, and Vlad Munteanu pp.43-52


40. Contribution to non-linear constitutive modelling of masonry structures in 2D [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Jirí Brožovský, Alois Materna, and Ivan Kološ pp.53-58


41. Application of damage model for analysis of masonry structures [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Jerzy Szolomicki pp.59-64


42. Formation of lime efflorescence on concrete and concrete products [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Tomáš Fojtík and Jirí Brožovský pp.65-72


43. Investigation of mechanical properties of castable with respect to their application as ceramic anchor elements [Abstract], [Entire article (PDF)],

by Lenka Nevrivova pp.73-80


44. Structural analysis of sandwich type composites [Abstract], [Entire article (PDF)],

by Alexandru Catarig, Ludovic Kopenetz, and Titu Hodisan pp.81-88


45. Resistance of concrete with fine-ground granulated slag admixture to sulphates and acidic aggressive media [Abstract], [Entire article (PDF)],

by Jirí Brožovský, Tomáš Fojtík, and Amos Dufka pp.89-98


46. Present Trends in Improving Quality of Pavement Bitumen [Abstract], [Entire article (PDF)],

by Liliana Stelea pp.99-108


47. Effect of moulding humidity on the properties of dry pressed ceramic tiles [Abstract], [Entire article (PDF)],

by Radomir Sokolar pp.109-113