Intersectii / Intersections

Volum 5 (Serie Noua) – Numarul 3 / Volume 5 (New Series) – Issue 3



Cuprins / Contents

1. Seismic Assessment of Existing R.C. Public Buildings in Turkey - An Overview with a Case Study [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF) ],

by Huseyin Bilgin, Hasan Kaplan and Salih Yilmaz; pp.3-18


2. Database-assisted Seismic Analysis of Tall Buildings Subjected to Long Predominant Period Vrancea Earthquakes [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF) ],

by Mihail Iancovici and Cristian Gavrilescu; pp.19-32


3. Seismic analysis using Robot Millennium [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Mihai Nedelcu; pp.33-42


4. Seismic Assessment and Strengthening of Intermediate Moment Resisting Concrete Frames [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Meisam Safari Gorji, Masoud Taribakhsh and Amirhossein Gandomi; pp.43-56


5. The Seismic Force Development Related to Romanian Designing Codes [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Doina Stefan and Gabriela Covatariu; pp.57-66


6. Seismic Isolation of the Italian Bridge: A Case Study [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Mario Paolo Petrangeli, Luigi Fieno and Ciprian Dan Loata; pp.67-83


7. The Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction Effect for Pile-Raft Systems [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Nicolae Ungureanu, Mihai Vrabie and Iancu Bogdan Teodoru; pp.83-93