Intersectii / Intersections

Volum 6 (Serie Noua) – Numarul 1 / Volume 6 (New Series) – Issue 1


Cuprins / Contents

1. Evaluation of the seismic safety of RC framed buildings designed according to EC-2 and EC-8 [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF) ],

by Alex H. Barbat, Juan C. Vielma and Sergio Oller; pp.3-27


2. EBBEF2p - A Computer Code for Analysing Beams on Elastic Foundations [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF) ],

by Iancu Bogdan Teodoru; pp.28-44


3. Steel fibre reinforced roller compacted concrete Roads [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Angelakopoulos H., Neocleous K. and Pilakoutas K; pp.45-55


4. A configuration of seismic energy dissipation system for stiff structures [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Horatiu Alin Mociran, Eugen Panţel; pp.56-63


5. The Influence of Local Damage upon the Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Oana Mihaela Ioniţă, Mihai Budescu, Nicolae Ţăranu, Silvia Rominu, George Ţăranu, Cătălin Banu; pp.64-76


6. Finite Element Analysis of RC beams Reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Polymers Bars [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Cătălin Banu, Nicolae Ţăranu, Ruxandra Oltean, Ciprian Cozmanciuc, Oana Mihaela Ioniţă; pp.77-90


7. The shaping for the mixed structures evaluation [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Ioan Buliga, Constantin Amariei; pp.91-100


8. Design, Materials and Construction Analysis of a Concrete Pavement [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Andreea-Terezia Mircea; pp.101-110


9. Vertical displacements of a steel-concrete railway superstructure, 51m long, under the 250KN mobile axle load, for speed ranging between 1...150m/s [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Mircea Suciu; pp.111-119


10. Identification of static and dynamic responses for concrete bridges through electrical systems [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Gheorghita Boaca; pp.120-126