Intersectii / Intersections

Vol.6 No.3 Art.1

Thermal technical properties of insulation materials made from easy renewable row sources

Jiri Zach, Jitka Hroudova

The paper presents the results of research focused on heat technical properties of insulating materials from easily renewable organic raw materials, especially from insulations based on technical hemp and other possible raw material sources from agriculture (flax, jute) which can be potentially used for the production of heat insulation. Within the scope of research a study was elaborated with the aim to verify, whether the heat technical properties of above mentioned materials are comparable with the properties of classical heat insulating materials such as polystyrene foam or mineral wool. It can be even assumed that from the standpoint of some specific properties the newly developed materials will dispose with better properties. Within the scope of research first of all the effect of moisture was followed up on the heat technical properties of these materials.

KEYWORDS: insulation materials, thermal conductivity, organics materials, technical hemp.

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