Intersectii / Intersections

Volum 6 (Serie Noua) – Numarul 4 / Volume 6 (New Series) – Issue 4

Cuprins / Contents

1. Holistic evaluation of the seismic urban risk using the fuzzy sets theory [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF) ],

by M.L. Carreño, O.D. Cardona and A.H. Barbat; pp.3-16


2. Diagnosis of cracking in concrete bridges structures [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF) ],

by Cristina Romanescu, Constantin Ionescu, Claudiu Romanescu; pp.17-38


3. Practical Utilization Findings of Concretes with Gypsum-Free Cements at Building of Concrete Pavements and Landing Ground [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Jiri Brozovsky and Jiri Brozovsky, Jr.; pp.38-48


4. The Dimensioning of the Rigid Runway Structures [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Horia Zarojanu, Ioan P. Ciongradi, Mihai Budescu, Octavian V. Roşca, Gabriela Covatariu; pp.49-60


5. Durability of sintered materials modified by alternative silicate filling agents [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Tomáš Melichar; pp.61-66


6. Flexural behavior of short reinforced concrete hybrid beams – experiment and numerical simulations [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Marinela Bărbuţă, Constantin Gavriloaia and Ionuţ Ovidiu Toma; pp.67-76


7. Corrosion Durability of Recycled Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by PÂngela G. Graeff, Kypros Pilakoutas, Cyril Lynsdale and Kyriacos Neocleous; pp.77-89


8. Numerical methods for the modelling of interface delamination in composites. [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Ruxandra Oltean, Nicolae Taranu, Ciprian Cozmanciuc, Catalin Banu, Oana Mihaela Ionita; pp.90-98


9. Robustness of Civil Engineering Structures – A Modern Approach in Structural Design [ Abstract ], [ Entire article (PDF)],

by Ioniţă Oana Mihaela, Ţăranu Nicolae, Budescu Mihai, Banu Cătălin, Romînu Silvia, Băncilă Radu; pp.99-114